Which Area of Los Cabos Should I Invest In?

//Which Area of Los Cabos Should I Invest In?

Which Area of Los Cabos Should I Invest In?

Baja California Sur appeals to many of those who are interested in purchasing investment properties in a unique, bustling area. Each area in Los Cabos offers something different to those who are looking for a lifestyle that suits their needs.

Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is a world-famous spot that offers many special features to attract droves of people to the area every year. It is recognized for its vibrant nightlife and clubs that appeal to tourists of all ages. However, Cabo is also well-known for its luxury developments that provide first-class luxury and stunning views of the ocean for the wealthy. These homes are a mix of modern and traditional architectural elements, many of which were built into the steep Pedregal Cliffs which rise high above the ocean.

The marina and shopping area are bustling with tourists and locals who enjoy the abundant restaurants, upscale shopping centers, and ocean activities, such as jet-skiing and charter fishing. Cabo San Lucas is the ideal place for deep-sea fishermen due to the many tournaments and charity events hosted there. There are many boat tours available at the marina, including glass bottom boat tours and even submarine tours. You can even see the sea lions who have chosen to make the marina their home while walking on the dock. This is a great place to search for any type of investment property, such as luxury homes and Cabo San Lucas condos for sale.

Los Cabos

San Jose Del Cabo

Although San Jose del Cabo is only 20 minutes away, it offers a completely different experience. San Jose del Cabo is more focused on familial living and has a downtown art district as well as other kid-friendly amenities. This is a more traditionally Mexican area with a less crowded nightlife. However, there’s a marina for boat owners, as well as several large developments that offer luxury villas overlooking the beautiful sea.

San Jose is a treasure trove of charms, including its private art galleries, the lively town square, and traditional colonial architecture. In the high season, there are weekly art activities to indulge in, which is a great way for you to mingle while taking in the local atmosphere. The international airport is also located just north of the town. Although San Jose attracts its tourists to its higher-end hotels, it still gives the impression that this is a traditional Mexican town with plenty of options to choose from for investment properties.

Los Cabos

East Cape

The East Cape is located to the northeast of San Jose. This area is ideal for people who want to live in quieter and more peaceful areas. It is a more remote area with less amenities, but it offers a chance to enjoy nature at its best. The East Cape is an ideal location for those who are looking for more private and unique real estate investing opportunities and for eco-conscious homeowners who want to live off the grid and in a more private setting. However, there are some newer upscale hotels that offer modern options for tourists who want to enjoy the natural beauty of the area.

Los Cabos

The Pacific Side

To the west of Cabo San Lucas are developments on the Pacific Side such as Diamante and Quivira. These areas are often located near the resorts and hotels they belong to, but they are more isolated and are further apart from one another. These areas are ideal for people who are looking for investment properties that are away from the rest of the world and provide the ability to live in solitude near the beach. However, the waves and strong currents can make it unsafe to swim.

Los Cabos

The Corridor

“The Corridor” is located between San Jose and Cabo San Lucas and is a mixture of modern resorts and golf courses that draws in property investors from all over the globe. It covers the 20-mile distance between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose which makes it easy to reach the airport, nightclubs, or your favorite restaurant. There are many new commercial developments in the area, including shopping options, dining options, and a new hospital. Outdoor-lovers will enjoy the close-by surfer’s beach where they can relax and listen to the sounds of the ocean. This area has investment properties that will interest people of all sorts, including luxury homes and townhomes.

Los Cabos

The Changes in Cabo’s Real Estate Market

Cabo San Lucas started out as an adventurer’s paradise. However, the area has grown quicker than anyone could have imagined. There are many more options for those looking for investment opportunities in Los Cabos, anywhere from the ruggedness of the East Cape or the tranquility of San Jose. This has allowed the Cabo realty market to change significantly over time. Los Cabos has attracted a wider range of families and homeowners that are younger than the retired entrepreneurs of the past due to modern technology and the affordability and convenience of air travel.

Although many people still split their time between their hometowns and paradise, investors are now paying attention to Los Cabos more than ever due to the influx of people who want their own slice of paradise that can be shared with family and friends. Los Cabos is one of the best places for investors to buy residential investment properties and rent them out to these very people.

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