Sell Your Home With a Flat Fee Realtor

//Sell Your Home With a Flat Fee Realtor

Sell Your Home With a Flat Fee Realtor

Sellers have many options to choose from as the trends in the real estate market change. It can be difficult to sort through all the options. There are advantages and disadvantages to some options. Flat fee realtors are your best choice if you want to trade for a lower price but still receive great listing and contract assistance. They can give you all the knowledge you need to get through the home selling process, including some tips for selling your house and up-to-date technology. This is why you should choose a flat fee realtor to help you sell your house.

Definition of a Flat Fee Realtor

Flat fee realtors are also known as discount real estate agents or brokers. They charge a flat fee regardless of the final sale price. They do not charge large commissions for your home’s sale but charge a fixed rate instead. They offer great returns and won’t cost you a lot. You can market and buy a home faster than a traditional realtor!

How Does Flat Fee Real Estate Work?

A flat fee realtor, instead of the traditional commission based on percentages, will help you list your home via MLS for a fixed fee. They only offer basic assistance, so you won’t receive end-to-end support. These may include closing, pricing, marketing, and closing. You can also request additional services beyond the ones they offer by paying an additional fee. They offer some help for multiple services such as the negotiation process, social media marketing, home inspections, home staging, open houses, professional photography, key lockboxes, and more!

Why Should I Hire a Flat Fee Realtor to Sell My Home?

Cut Your Expenses in Half

The easiest and most popular option today is to hire a traditional real estate agent, but this means that you will have to spend a lot to get the job done. A full-time realtor may charge a commission of as much as 6% on the sale. 

Although FSBO (For sale by owner) can reduce the commission fee, it is not a great deal if the multiple listing service (MLS) is excluded from the package. Without access to a high-quality MLS, it can be difficult to get buyers and agents to find properties for sale.

Flat fee realtors are a cost-friendly option that allows for efficient listing and processing. Flat fee realtors can save you the 6% commission split, and allow you to do more work yourself. Instead of paying a thousand dollars in expenses and commissions, you only have to pay a few hundred!

Sell your house with flat fee realtor

Less Commitment Required

Flat fee real estate offers home sellers another reason to choose it because there is way less commitment involved. You must agree to several conditions when you use the traditional method. This type of brokerage can lead to you wasting time and money, as well as leaving you with unfulfilled expectations. You need to avoid getting caught up in the trap of allowing unimaginable factors to sabotage your selling experience.

Flat fee brokerages allow you to work on your own after you have paid the agent. You don’t have to deal with or waste time dealing with certain terms when you work with these types of real estate brokers!

Sell your house with flat fee realtor

Control of Sales and Expenses

Traditional real estate is primarily based on a commission-based fee model. Flat fee real estate offers the best option: you have complete control over the selling process, including property listings and bookings. You can also monitor the transactions.

Sell your house with flat fee realtor

Schedule is More Lenient

A traditional agent may have some rules that you need to follow, but not with a flat fee realtor. You are in control of everything, from home pricing to scheduling showings. You are responsible for all the work you do to sell your property.

Sell your home with a flat fee realtor

Efficiency & Reliability

Flat fee real estate makes selling your house easy and quick because there are fewer people involved. The commission you pay, from marketing strategies to home listing on MLS to the closing schedule, is well worth it. You’re ready to go once your property has been listed and promoted!

Sell your house with flat fee realtor

Up-To-Date Technology

Flat-fee realtors will grant you access to the MLS, which includes market data and analysis. This will make the sales process much easier. MLS access was once restricted to agents and agencies but now you can access the data and use it yourself! 

An MLS is a cutting edge piece of technology that optimizes information for home-selling and buying. If a prospect is interested, they can search for the details of the property by entering certain keywords.

Sell your house with flat fee realtor

Services Will Fit Your Needs

You don’t have to spend more on items you don’t need with a flat fee realtor. You can control your time and tailor your services to help you sell your home!

Sell your house with a flat fee realtor


Flat fee realtors are ideal for those who are just a marketer looking to grow their brand and develop promotional strategies. Flat fee real estate is the best option for sellers who want help but don’t mind doing some of the work themselves to close the deal. Many websites offer flat-fee realtors who can help you sell your home. Make sure you are choosing the right realtor that makes selling your home easier and more straightforward.

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